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Remembering J.C.Moore

Curtains Open 2.14.1979
Curtains Closed 10. 2. 2021

Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Artist, Leader, Mentor and FUN FUNNY guy...

Every single moment we spent together was special. You touched the lives of so many and are deeply missed. With each passing day, the extent of your impact continues to grow. You will never be forgotten.

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J.C. will be celebrated with LOVE, LIGHTS, DANCE, MUSIC & WORDS
TBA Mid-2022

JC's mother has requested for his Family, Friends & Colleagues to take a moment, Monday, February 14, 2022
to light a candle, in memory of JC on his Birthday.
If you are able to get a Heart shape or Purple candle, light it in the evening, say a prayer or meditate with good positive vibes for his mother & family, it will help illuminate the path of clarity and LOVE at this sensitive time.
Any candle will be fine if you are not able to get one in a
Heart shape or in the color purple.
Free feel to share a photo or video of your illuminated candle @

If you’re in the Oakland area, there are candles available for pick up at New Style Motherlode / NSMDANCE studio 130 e12th Street Oakland CA 94606.
Please call or email to request a candle, and schedule a time/date to pick up in person.

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Nova offers supportive housing for the formerly homeless.

JC was able to get into a program that helped him get the resources and support needed with his untold story to most in his final days. In this video JC gets to let us know that there was a light of hope, that he was focused on...
THANK YOU JC for giving us a chance to know what you were designing for your next chapter.

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“I don’t think of all the misery,

but of all the beauty that remains”

Anne Frank

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Celebrating the Life of J.C. Moore

This Was Our Story


Adrienne L. Karki

Corey n all who have love for my son JC , Carlos Moore who was my most special child being the only boy n being born on Valentine's day made him so significant n our family, then he grew up n ContrA Costa County n completed his schooling at Contra Costa College where he simultaneously completed high school n college together by the time he was 18. Meanwhile he was . making his way into the entertainment world by lightning up birthday parties around the neighborhood n where ever anyone would hire him for his services. He started this lightning business at about 14 yrs old. He attended UCSF Drama Dept n continued his studies n theater/art wanting to become n actor at which point I didn't support because I personally witnessed my own sister being constantly rejected out of Hollywood for 18 years n I let him know a permanent paycheck is made behind the scenes but if u choose to become a actor u have to be thick skinned n emotionally sound. So one day he got to audition for a Janet Jackson concert as a dancer n Hollywood n got the Birds Eye view of what I had knowledge of n he changed his venue n focused his life on lightning. I'm from southern CA . He then just took off like a missile n the next thing I knew  Corey came into our life n New Style Motherless was born n I was going to Oakland alot to see HipHop at its best. Then the Alvin Ailey dance company hired him for one year to tour the USA which s monumental. He also got to travel to Germany where Corey was working n they needed a lightning director so off to the airport he went full of excitement n vigor to make his mark on the world of the theater which he actually accomplished.He left Ca for New York to b close to Broadway n made great connection's with many of the performers who worked on the stages of the Lion King n Cats at the time when his sis Tammy n I went to visit him when he lived n Jersey. Then the company he worked for n Jersey didn't agree on things n his partner committed suicide n he came home to Cal.


Corey Action

Best Friend / Creative Partner / Wittness


We made MAGIC together. From the start, you gave me a SPOTLIGHT. And I gave you the SHOW. Every moment we shared was illuminated with optimism and unlimited possibilities of creative joy. A friendship unmatched, unbreakable and simply unbelievable. And the LOVE? Well  we ran a great season, didn't we? Every show on stage, off stage, backstage, under the stage and in the VIP Private Suites, had a sold out audience, totally entertained, amazed, anxious, excited, intriged, pondering, and holding their breaths, watching on the edge of their seats...

What's next?

I know you're watching down, with the smile I LOVE SO MUCH, that serious look, those deep inhales, the Mad Doctor looks, and the vison to execute, with you thinking there is no limits to anything, not even in my pocketbook. Ready to be emptied to make the BEST!

I feel you JC! All of that is worth it, for me telling your story. But this time honey, I'm NOT going to empty my pocketbook. Only my HEART! SHOWTIME, and although you left the building before the bow; this is the GRAND FINALE!



My Life With Carlos
SOME PEOPLEcome into our lives and quietly go…SOMEstay for awhile and leave…FOOTPRINTSon our hearts ♥️ and we are never the same… Carlos was that person in my life. I will miss the birthdays we shared for 25 years the many meals we ate together but most importantly I will miss your love.

Ben Guillory

Mentor/Friend/Father Figure


Jordan B - Sacramento California

JC came to my life via Corey Action. I was living at Corey's house after string a year in Germany. Being at his house was a good transition. Having all his unique friends come over was a new world to me. The one who stood out the most was JC. JC had an "extra" energy to him. Always up and moving. Making jokes, talking shit, discussing art, music, whatever. I saw the logical creativity he possessed once he told me all about his lighting career. I remember how lighting guys were and he was just as focused and intense.  

At this time I had no job, recently graduated, and didn't have any rent money. JC and Corey said well the only way to pay me was to work on the live show. That experience working with JC was amazing. I never really noticed how lighting really mattered in addition to technical side.  His energy, creativity, a lil goofiness, and love made me forget that I had no rent and I was broke.

After we were established in our relationship I got a chance to visit him in NYC. I met up with him at his apartment with nothing but lighting gear all around. Felt like I was backstage at a theater. This dude breathed and lived it!  We ate good food, drove around Manhattan and he showed me all his light creations through out the city.  JC was a good dude. I'm so grateful to get more black males in my life that show me you can do this or that. Never one way. We are dynamic and unique... Like light!!!


Bridget P. - Wuppertal Germany

I remember talking to JC outside the Alice Arts Center. It must have been around 1997, since I remember JC as being most definitely a teenager. We sat outside in the sun and the conversation got very deep for such a young guy. Although I don't remember what we talked about, I remember him being curious, asking lots of questions, and always wanting to go deeper. Later, when I began teaching at Funkworks in Emeryville, JC took my dance class. I think he just wanted to know everything about everything. I remember the timbre of his voice, his ready smile. I remember doing a show at the Alice theater with New Style Motherlode. I was sitting in the audience during rehearsal and thinking, "The lights look amazingly good! I didn't know the Alice had such a lighting setup!" To my surprise, it was JC sitting in the booth. It was just one of many times that the beautiful people of Oakland had so much to show me and teach me. I don't live in Oakland anymore, but I can say that the people of Oakland are a special, special sort of people. JC was one of so so many.


Kulwa A

No words to express the gift from God that you ARE. So young & so soon...only God knows why. But I am so thankful for the infinite light you POURED into Oakland & this World. Bless you sweet beautiful Black Brown man. You are God's finest. Continue your work & purpose on the other side. We will see you at the other end of the rainbow 🌈 🎶...


Cindy D - Bay Area

I am just hearing this tragic news and it stopped me in my tracks... I remember JC as a very kind soul. Very talented and very loyal. Most of all i remember his smile, it lit up the room.  Corey, I know your devastated, I just know your hurting... I know you will pull through, just will take time. Celebrating his life is one way thru dance and music. J C will be sitting front row📽🕯❤ my deepest Condolences. "One Love"



Talented Man
JC, wow, what a talented person gone so soon! I met him in or around 2018. He was easy to talk to. I recall talking about his husband or (partner at the time) who he was separated from; he loved him so much but all was complicated. JC was fun to hangout with and loved the lights - he specialized in lighting a stage; we spent time talking about that and how much it meant to him. We miss him.


Charlie E

I truly am lost of words know body will ever know how much this dude meanings to me. He was my Brother, My Bestfriend. An outlet of information and wisdom. This is a life changing situation for me He was such a creative person before his time some would say a true friend no matter what status you live under he saw everyone as equals i will Miss you very Much Carlos
Sincerely your Pal Charlie E


Silinda N - Bay Area

I heard the news and feel lost without you friend. We met at the wonderful age of 11 and every time our paths crossed it was magic. I’ll miss the light shows in your bedroom and that smile that lit up the darkness. I taught you how to swim, you taught me how to dance. I’d give anything to see you again, hold you again, be near you again. Keep smiling ❤️


Alissa S. - Hawaii

J.C., it is so hard to process your passing. It makes my heart ache seeing these photos of you and knowing that we will no longer text at random moments to laugh or share a win. You trusted me with your pain and I wish I could have erased it so you could shine bright once again. I will miss you and your kind soul so very much. I love you, my friend.


Mike C.

A Kind Light

I have not seen you in decades and we only touched each other’s lives for a few years. I had hoped to see you at a reunion or cross ways out in the world. To tell you thank you. Thank you for showing kindness when others were cruel. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face when all there was at the time was sadness. Thank you for dancing and making me dance. Thank you for the first real party I’d ever taken part in. Thank you for your positivity. For all of that and things I know you have done that I could not witness myself, thank you. But that reunion never came and our paths never converged and all I can do is leave you a line of text without a smile, handshake or an embrace. I never forgot you. I never will. You were and always will be a light in the darkness to me. One that the world sorely needed and needs more of.


Irin B - Bay Area

I still can’t believe you’re gone. I met you when we were in high school. You were always so cheerful, kind, talented and creative person. Definitely a great dancer. You even tried to teach me some “moves”. We connected some years ago and I now wished that we were able to get together. I will miss you my dear friend.


David J. - Oakland CA

My memory goes back to the days when it called Alice Arts and Every Tuesday and Thursday Corey and Teela would host Hip Hop class packet with dancers. Towards the end of the class JC was always in the selected groups. I also remember him living in Savages class too. That’s my memory of him


Teela Shine-Ross - Former Director & Choreographer of New Style Motherlode Ent.

JC was a light, lighting up the stage for many and bringing joy to many. I am grateful for the time we spent together and how he used his true creative gift to see the stage as his playground. Blessings.


Christina - Bay Area

Full of Life

You never know what your presence does in some peoples lives. For me, you were always the life of the party. Even though we didn’t meet until High School I enjoyed being around you. We always had so much fun. When we hung out at the ice rink you were always teaching me new moves, although I was never able to perfect them. You would glide across the ice and do those fancy spins. I loved watching you do that. We used to laugh and joke all around CCC. I always enjoyed watching you dance and perform while admiring your talent. Your energy was so contagious and such a pick me up. I know we didn’t keep in touch much after high school but I always smile when I think of you. You will not be forgotten.



Marc - Bay Area


Hello, my name is Marc. I’m one of JC’s youngest Lighting apprentices. He recruited and trained me since I was 14. Now I’m 18, I traveled back to Oakland so that I can be there by his side while making big changes and differences all around the world. Please let me know if there’s any candles available 💡 When I struggled in high school, he told me not to worry or think about how other people looked at me. J.C. explained to me from the very beginning that there’s more sides to a person than just the one that’s faced right in front you. He would always tell me how he saw people so differently in this world. That one day when I start seeing things differently too, I’ll know exactly how to change it all.

Marlon Daniels - New Jersey

Happy Birthday J.C.!  It's February 14, 2022, Valentines Day and I will continue to have a slice of chocolate cake, your favorite dessert for your birthday.  I  will treasure our friendship.  You have brought a light in my life and so many people you have come into contact with, especially in your home state of Cali and your second home state of NY.  The times we have had in NYC traveling the shows on Broadway in Times Square; dancing at the clubs like Crash, Escuelita, Warehouse, Octogon and BK Sensation to name a few; eating at out favorite restaurants throughout "the city"; shopping on 5th Avenue; sweating at dance classes at  Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center, Mark Morrison; working together on events for the universities I have worked at; laughing and enjoying life with you will not be forgotten.  As you have traveled the globe, and even now  your spirit, talent and creativity are in my thoughts daily.  Remembering you always. I love you brother.

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It Was a Gift to Know J.C. Moore

There are so many things to say about J.C., where to begin?

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Honoring J.C. Moore & Family


We have lost one of the GREATEST…

All donations will go to J.C. Moore’s Mother, Adrienne L Karki & Family.  Preparation and cost of JC’s final resting place. Plus to help with “Light is LOVE” a Celebration of J.C. Moore’s love and light for the stage. Presented by NEW STYLE MOTHERLODE ENT, February 12, 2022.

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